Emergency Dentistry - Maricopa, AZ

Quality dental care when you need it the most

Dental emergencies are the last thing we prepare for, luckily at Maricopa Dental Center we are always here to help you get back to smiling! If you're experiencing a dental emergency give us a call today at 520-568-5959.

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Emergency Dentistry at Maricopa Dental Center

If you're in pain, we are here to help!

While patients can avoid many oral problems with preventative care and regular visits to the dentist, emergency dental treatment is occasionally necessary. Emergency dentistry treats patients dealing with significant dental trauma who need immediate care.

Emergency Dentistry at Maricopa Dental Center

visit us if you experience any of the following

Pain, swelling, or bleeding

Broken or knocked out tooth

Abscess or infection

Soft or hard tissue injuries

Emergency Dentistry at Maricopa Dental Center

Are You in Pain? We Can Help!

If you or another family member has experienced a traumatic dental injury and need urgent dental care in Maricopa, Arizona, Dr. Tim Taylor and his team of dental professionals at Maricopa Dental Center can assist in your recovery. Our scheduling procedures allot time each day for emergency appointments, and we have an after-hours call line for emergencies. Keep in mind that dental injuries are very time sensitive.

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Emergency Dentistry at Maricopa Dental Center

Proper care & treatment are essential to your recovery

Emergency dentistry treats patients who suffer major dental trauma and need immediate attention. Most dental offices offer routine checkups and cleanings by appointment. You can skip the ER and call us if it is not a life-threatening emergency. The ER is not trained or equipped to treat dental injuries and may refer you to an emergency dentist. And who doesn't want to avoid an ER visit's wait time and expense and still be directed to your trusted dentist? 

Seeking immediate care with the right expert when a problem occurs prevents it from becoming a more extensive issue requiring harsher treatments.

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